Sevalaya’s Initiatives on Awareness on Dengue


Sevalaya is greatly concerned on the outbreak of Dengue that has been plaguing the State widely, causing illness to a large number of people. We are particularly concerned for there are over 2050 students studying in our school, 180  children staying in our hostels and 75 elders are living in our old age homes. Apart from protecting our children and  residents, Sevalaya has taken a larger initiative for creating greater awareness, prevention and possible cure in the event of illness.

While explaining on the symptoms, Team-Sevalaya also mentioned the causes  and various symptoms viz. Head ache, pain on the rear portions of the eyes, vomiting and vomiting sensation, blood bleeding, knee and body pains, among others.

While cautioning on the source of contracting, our medical team alerted the people that it may contract while travelling also. This is one of the many causes, our medical team alerted.

Sevalaya is determined to address this on multi-pronged way and acted swiftly accordingly:

  1. Team-Sevalaya individually contacted all and explained on the cause, preventive methods and cure in the event of Dengue attack.
  2. Preventive:
    1. Fumigation process (a method of pest control)  carried out in the areas of water stagnation, etc.
    2.  Nilavembu  essence (an herb) , one cup a person, given to all, with a suggestion to compulsorily drink. (Nilavembu:  a famous Sidha model  of medicinal cure).
  3. Awareness:  All were repeatedly adviced  on Dos and Donts for prevention.

Sevalaya has reached so far in this connection:

  1. a) Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School’s 2050 students, were compulsorily made to drink Chiretta Drink.
  2. b) Sevalaya’s Boys and Girls hostels’ children numbering 180
  3. c) Sevalaya’s old age home elders., about 75 persons.
  4. d) Most importantly Sevalaya chose to reach 40 plus villages around, met villagers individually, explained and made them to understand and take                   
  5. e) All Centres of Sevalaya, viz  Mambakkam, Ambattur, Vadanallur, including main Campus Kasuva village, Tiruvallur district.
  6. f) Chennai City Office, in Mylapore.

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