Projects Needing Support

Quality Education

Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School is a free school with classes from primary up to 12th Std for underprivileged children from the 40 neighboring villages. The children are provided with quality education completely free of cost.


Sevalaya’s Skill Development programme through its community colleges at various locations aims at creating well-trained youth (age 18-30) by providing them with quality
vocational training, preparing them for the job market. Courses offered: Computer Skills, Tailoring, E-Publishing, AC Mechanic,Nursing Assistant, Beautician, Lab technician
Assistant, Electrician, Bakery unit, and Tally.

Homes for Children

Sevalaya runs Swami Vivekananda Boys home, Mother Teresa Girls Home at Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre at Thiruvallur District. We provide education for the children and for all residents, food, clothing, shelter and sanitation.

Homes for Senior citizens

Sevalaya runs Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa old age home at Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre at Thiruvallur District,Zamin endathur, Chengalpat District,,Errapatti, Dharmapuri District,
Thalavaipalayam, Thanjavur District.. We provide residents, food, clothing, and shelter.


We are seeking support for the construction of 3 classrooms out of 12 classrooms in Sevalaya’s primary school building premises in Kasuva village, Pakkam PO, Near Tiruninravur.Total area 2,472 sq.ft.

Animal Care

Vinobhaji Gaushala is a haven for cows that have out-lived their period of “utility” and will otherwise be destined for the slaughter-house. The Gaushala also shelters milk yielding cows. The milk is consumed by the resident children and elders. We are submitting herewith our proposal to construct MS roof truss shed for gaushala of size 80 x 48 x 11 height to accommodate the 30 cows. The work of a new shed would enhance the capacity of the cow shed from 30 cattle to another 60 cattle.

Health & well being

Pattinapakkam, is a neighbourhood in Chennai and was the worst affected when tsunami hit the coastal parts of the city. Sevalaya runs a community college in this community largely inhabited by the fishermen community. Recently Sevalaya started a health centre with a full time doctor and a paramedic. The health services are provided free of cost. On an average the footfall in the health centre is 20-25 patients per day. The operational cost for running the health centre is ₹12lakhs

Art and culture

Sevalaya is collaborating with the Indian Railways for this project that recalls the two years Bharathi spent in Kadayam. A man far ahead of his times, he faced the wrath of the then traditional society at Kadayam village, and was even excommunicated. It was in this town many of his immortal poems were composed. Around 1,200 Sq feet of wall space at Kilkadayam Railway station will be decorated by the paintings of incidents from the life of Bharathi and Chellamma at Kadayam.