Sevalaya Group

1. Sevalaya

Sevalaya is an NGO founded in 1988, active in education, vocation, homes for destitute children and elders, health services and rural development.

2. Sevalaya Samaritan Gramodharan Samithy

The Samaritan Hospital in Gudalur, Nilgiris, became a member of Sevalaya Group in 2021, serving the tribal communities numbering over 1100 families. Support covers provisions to blankets and building materials, besides smart tuition centres that seek transformation at the grass root.

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3. ShoppeSeva

ShoppeSeva is a venture that markets products of Sevalaya’s Community Colleges and farm products. It also finds a wider market for handicrafts made by village artisans. The sales proceeds donated to Sevalaya’s operations.

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