Rural Development



Vinobhaji Goushala is a haven for cows where we rear cows which provide good milk for everyone on campus. We also protect cows that have out-lived their period of “Utility” and will otherwise be destined for the slaughter-house.

The quality milk produced is used for our children and senior citizens.

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Sevalaya needs your support and contribution for the below listed projects which need funding. We request you to join hands, support as an individual or group or corporate.

Cattle feed for Cows

The cost of feeding 66 animals at Rs 8000 per month for one year works out to Rs 5,28,000.

Sponsor a Cow

Sevalaya runs a cow sanctuary Vinobaji – Goshala for dry and aged cows. Presently, 66 cows are being taken care in-spite of being sent them for slaughter.

Our expenses are Rs. 8000/- per year being spent for their livelihood. Gau Pooja is done every Friday. A Sponsor can directly participate in the Gau Pooja by donating Rs.1000/-. Go-Dhanam (Cow offering) is also welcome.


Sl. No Sponsor Type One time Contribution Endowment
1 Residential expenses for one cow per annum Rs. 8,000 Rs. 1,00,000
2 Gau Pooja expenses for one cow one time Rs. 1,000 Rs. 12,500

Staff Remunerations

To take care of the 66 cows, we require one supervisor and 4 grass root level staff. At a monthly budget of Rs 32,000 the annual expenses work out to Rs.3, 84,000/-

Nursery and Green House Making Project

We have sufficient space in ‘Sevalaya’ – Kasuva campus that we could develop orchards, shaddy trees, flower garden and pathway hedge plants. Purchasing saplings for this would be very expensive. If we go for a Horticulture program, it is less expensive to develop samplings of requirement.

We have vast vegetable garden space too in our ‘Sevalaya campus. In our School Agriculture/horticulture is taught as vocational trade for class X & XII students. They need a practical horticulture demonstration centre amidst our agricultural utility, where trimming, grafting, transplantation and flower gardening techniques can be taught.

Total cost of the project is Rs.1,60,000/- all inclusive.


Organic farming

We have implemented organic farming on our campus, which serves as a model for NGOs and others to cultivate in tune with nature.

We use bio fertilizers for the enrichment of cow dung manure and use it as a fertilizer for our farms to replace chemical fertilizers. Simple aerobic fermentation converts this biomass to organic manure.

We conduct regular workshops to propagate organic farming. Organic farming is taught to our agricultural students also, even though it is not covered in the syllabus.

Why Organic Farming

Organic farming is the best alternative to the conventional method using chemical fertilizers. Moreover, organic farming is based on similar principles underlying our traditional methods of agriculture.

Organic agriculture meets the needs of humans without any harm to the environment.

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Kottu Murasu

Kottu Murasu is our cultural organization, functioning under Gandhiji’s team promoting rural development in India. “Kottu Murasu” is a Tamil expression taken from the mighty Bharathiyar’s poem which means “beat the Drum”.

Children of the Kottu Murasu troupe fan out into villages every month and conduct cultural events like dramas, dances etc, to create awareness of various social issues. They are frequently invited by external institutions to display their talents and convey their message.

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Sevalaya’s Mission includes integrated development of children. Many of our children are found to be talented in Music and Dance. This has been evidenced in various functions in Sevalaya and outside where they have performed.

Our “Kottu murasu” (Beat the Drum) cultural Troupe has helped to hone their talents which serves a vital purpose in our rural development activities by staging events intended to create awareness on several social issues.

Need your Support

This is an important source of contact with the 33 surrounding village people at large.

Cost of equipments

Cost of equipments, makeup kits and costumes etc are estimated to Cost Rs 1,00,000.


Medical Camps

We conduct regular medical camps for the benefit of the people in the surrounding villages. A Siddha medical camp is conducted quarterly with the support of Kilpauk Sai Seva Samithi and doctors from Arignar Anna Siddha Medical College to promote the Indian Medicine system.

General medical camps are also conducted regularly for the residents as well as the people from the villager, as well as special camps like eye and dental camps.


  • 24,000 benefitted by Medical Camps in last 10 years

Key Activities

  • Siddha medical camp
  • Support by Kilpauk Sai Seva Samithi and doctors

Need your Support

Sevalaya needs your support and contribution for Medical equipments and medicines.

Medical Camps

Sevalaya conducts Medical Camps in the surrounding 40 villages in collaboration with leading hospitals. Free Dental, eye camps, cancer screening camps are conducted at regular intervals. The cost for each camp involves cost of Doctor, nursing team, food and transport and the medicines distributed to the poor.

Total cost of the Medical Camps project is Rs.7,20,000/- all inclusive.



Games are an essential part of our curriculum. Our students excel in sports and games and romp home with respectable victories and prizes in district and state level competitions.

Our Sevalaya school conducts an Annual Sports Day and distributes prizes with distinguished VIPs handing them over to the children. During Pongal festival we conduct Volleyball tournaments for village youth instead of the abhorrent, traditional Jallikattu.

Need your Support

Sevalaya needs your support and contribution for sports activities.

Cost of games equipments

Track T-shirts, Shoes, sports equipments, Volleyball, Basket ball, indoor games equipments, competitions, food expenses Honorarium for coaches, mementoes Prizes etc. The estimated expenses are Rs. 2,00,000/-

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