Rural Development

In line with Gandhian way of thinking, Sevalaya has adopted various initiatives to ensure that we live in harmony with the environment while helping villages to become self reliant. Organic farming, Solar energy, Biofertilizers, Water and Sanitation projects are some of the ways adopted to meet the intent of Holistic Rural Development

Organic farming

Sevalaya has taken up organic farming at Kasuva centre, which serves as a model for villagers and others to cultivate in tune with nature.Bio fertilizers using cow dung manure is prepared and used as a fertilizers for our farms to replace chemical fertilizers. Simple aerobic fermentation converts this biomass to organic manure based on similar traditional methods of agriculture.The team also conduct regular sessions in surrounding villages to propagate organic farming. Organic farming techniques are also taught to the students of Agriculture group in Sevalaya’s Higher Secondary School. Agriculture/horticulture is taught as vocational trade for class XI & XII students in the Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School at Kasuva centre. They are given practical experience at the horticulture demonstration centre amidst the agricultural utility, where trimming, grafting, transplantation and flower gardening techniques are taught.

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Nursery and Green House making Project

We have developed a facility for developing saplings to promote our green initiatives at Thirumalaivaiyavur centre. Saplings for vegetables, flowering and some fruit trees are being grown in the Nursery. So far around 29000+ Saplings from the nursery are were planted in many villages including Sevalaya centres.

Wealth From Waste

Sevalaya centre at Kasuva village is a green zone! We educate the children about living in harmony with the environment and implement these practices on the campus. We segregate the degradable and non-degradable waste before converting the degradable waste into manure for our farms through the process of bio-composting. The non-biodegradable waste is sent out for treatment. We produce rich manure for our farms and reduce the cost of cultivation and also use biogas instead of LPG in our Old Age Home, Boys’ Home and Girls’ Home. This is an example of how we not only teach our children but practice it to set an example for others.



In order to reduce the dependence on power supply through the grid, Sevalaya has harnessed Solar power on its campus. Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre is equipped with 87.75KW of solar energy which meets nearly 65% of the power requirement. 20+ Solar streetlights have been set up in Thirukandalam village where there were no streetlights at all.
Sevalaya’s Thanjavur centre is equipped with 5KW of solar energy which meets nearly 80% of its inhouse power requirement.


The Biogas Plant at Kasuva centre with capacity to take around 1000 kg waste and the kitchen, food and garden waste is used to generate over 25 Gas cylinders a month. Over 50% of the cooking gas requirement is met through this. Over 1500 meals are prepared daily at Kauva centre..


More than 1,000+ people have benefitted with the installation of the 2 Eco bloc Rainwater harvesting wells at Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre and Gunduperumbedu village in Sriperumbudur. So far, 10,000+ villagers are assured of safe drinking water every day via Reverse Osmosis plants. Over 1,500 persons are benefitted by the construction of Community toilets in 3 villages which have improved the hygiene and sanitation conditions there, making them open defecation free and have also brought dignity to the lives of the villagers.