Rural Development

Organic farming

We have implemented organic farming on our campus, which serves as a model for NGOs and others to cultivate in tune with nature. We use bio fertilizers for the enrichment of cow dung manure and use it as a fertilizer for our farms to replace chemical fertilizers. Simple aerobic fermentation converts this biomass to organic manure.


We conduct regular workshops to propagate organic farming. Organic farming is taught to our agricultural students also, even though it is not covered in the syllabus.

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Medical Camps

We conduct regular medical camps for the benefit of the people in the surrounding villages. A Siddha medical camp is conducted quarterly with the support of Kilpauk Sai Seva Samithi and doctors from Arignar Anna Siddha Medical College to promote the Indian Medicine system.

General medical camps are also conducted regularly for the residents as well as the people from the villager, as well as special camps like eye and dental camps.

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Games are an essential part of our curriculum. Our students excel in sports and games and romp home with respectable victories and prizes in district and state level competitions.

Our Sevalaya school conducts an Annual Sports Day and distributes prizes with distinguished VIPs handing them over to the children. During Pongal festival we conduct Volleyball tournaments for village youth instead of the abhorrent, traditional Jallikattu.

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Wealth From Waste

Sevalaya campus at Kasuva village is a green zone! We educate the children about living in harmony with the environment and implement these practices on the campus. We segregate the degradable and non degradable waste before converting the degradable waste into manure for our farms through the process of decomposition. The non-biodegradable waste is sent out for treatment. We produce rich manure for our farms and reduce the cost of cultivation and also use biogas instead of LPG in our Old Age Home, Boys’ Home and Girls’ Home. This is an example of how we not only teach our children but actually practice it to set and example for others.