How can I reach Sevalaya?

Sevalaya has its Administrative Office in Alwarpet, Chennai. Office Address : F-2, First Floor, #12, Pushkarani Apartment, Ananda Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018. The main project centre is at Kasuva Village, Pakkam Post, near Thiruninravur, Thiruvallur -602024.

Sevalaya by Road

From City, go to Kathipara junction on Mount road and take the Bangalore road. Just 2 KMs before Poonamalli, you will get Poonamalli by pass road – take right. You will reach Savitha dental college, just under a Flyover. Take left and then drive above the flyover. You will see a Windmill on the right and a Traffic light. Take right at the Traffic light.This is the Poonamalli Pattabiram road. You will reach Pattabiram, near Railway level crossing.

You will be on MTH road (Madras Thiruvallur road) Drive upto Thiruninravur .You will reach flyover at Thiruninravur entrance. Take the right under the Flyover. You will be on Perriapalayam high road. Travel for 5 KMs. You will cross a small Krishna water bridge. Just after this you will see a big blue board of Sevalaya. Take a left turn onto the village road, just next to the board. travel for 1 KM in the village road. You will reach Sevalaya campus.

Sevalaya by Train

From Chennai Central, take any electric train going to Thiruvallur or Arakkonam or Thiruthani. Get off at Thiruninravur. From there approx. 50 minutes. You can take bus going to Periapalayam and get off at Kasuva village or take an auto and tell him Sevalaya.

Sevalaya by Bus

From City you can take bus to Thiruninravur and then change to bus going to Periyapalayam. Or take bus to Avadi or Ambattur and then change to bus going to Periyapalayam. Get off at Kasuva village and walk for 5 minutes.

What is 80G?

80G is Income tax rule section numbers. This is applicable to Indian tax payers only. All donations to Sevalaya qualify for 50% tax rebate under section 80G.

Do I get Tax rebate if I Donate to Sevalaya?

Yes, if you are in Indian tax payer you will get 50% rebate if you donate to our general pool or 100% rebate if you donate to specific projects. If you are in USA and if you donate via ASTI, GIVE INDIA, OMPRAKASH you will get Tax rebate in USA, under USA tax laws.

How do I Volunteer for Sevalaya?

Please look into “Support us – Volunteer” section in our website. Download the form, fill and send to head.volunteers@sevalaya.org . We will confirm the volunteer position based on our requirement.

I want to admit my Father / Mother in Sevalaya. What do I do?

Our old age home is only for destitute senior citizens. We don’t charge any fee. Please talk to paid old age homes for your requirement.

Can I Adopt a Child from Sevalaya?

Not yet. You can only sponsor a child at Sevalaya. We have not registered under the adoption rule.

Can I do an Online Transfer of Funds?

Yes, you can do it from anywhere in the world. Please see “Support Us

How do I Donate from Abroad?

  • You can write a Cheque in the currency of your country favouring Sevalaya. We are registered under FCRA rules and we are permitted to accept any currency. If you have come to our office or campus, you can pay by cash also in your currency.
  • You can do a direct bank transfer into our FCRA bank account. Details given under “Support Us – Donate From Abroad” on our website.
  • You can also donate via ASTI if you are in USA. You can donate via Give India, God parent, e-bay from anywhere in the world. See under “Support Us – Donate From Abroad” on our website.

What is FCRA?

FCRA is Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. Sevalaya is registered under this act, which permits us to receive donations from abroad, in any currency.

Can we Donate in Kind?

Yes, you can donate Clothes, Books, Pens, Pencils, Charts, Food grains, Provision items, Toys, anything that will be useful to Children, Senior citizens and Cows. You will get a thanking acknowledgement and our greatful thanks. We will not give cash receipts for donations in kind, as it is against the law. Please avoid donating used under garments. We don’t accept cooked food.

How can I become a member?

Sevalaya is a trust. There is no concept of Membership. You can be a Volunteer / Donor / Supporter / Well wisher.

What is Sponsorship? How my Donation will be spent on the child I Select?

Sevalaya now supports 2100+ children and 90+ senior citizens and 80+ dry cows. We work out the per capita expense and fix that as the sponsorship amount. We revise the rates only once in five years. If you want to Support a Child / Senior Citizen / Cow, you can donate the per capita amount to Sevalaya and the money will be added to our pool and will be spent under that account head you have selected.

It is not practical to assume that we will incur expenses separately for one child from out of the donation you gave. Also if children are not sponsored that doesn’t mean that they will have to go hungry.

How can we help Sevalaya ?

There are many ways. Please visit “Support Us” section in our website. You can give Time, Money, Knowledge etc.

Do I have to Donate only in Indian rupee?

No. You can donate in any currency of the World, Cash or Cheque or Direct transfer.