Children Home

Sevalaya runs the Swami Vivekananda Boys’ Home and Mother Teresa Girls’ Home for orphans, poor and destitute children. At present these homes house around 200 children.

The homes offer shelter, with food and education, as well as opportunities for  a healthy lifestyle and all-round personality development, in an atmosphere of love and care. The children get to freely interact with the elders residing in the Old Age Home.

There is constant endeavour to identify special talents and encourage the children to participate in various cultural events on the campus and other outside functions. Extracurricular activities such as music and arts are part of the regular activities for the children. There are good facilities for sports and physical activities also on the campus, This again abides by Swami Vivekananda’s dictum that a good game of football can do as much to the awakening of the spirit as reading of the Gita.

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Reception Home

Sevalaya Kasuva centre is the Government nominated reception Home in Thiruvallur District for the children in conflict with law, children rescued from child marriage, human trafficking and other unfavourable circumstances.

Sevalaya provides vocational training for these children in the Community college at Kasuva, provides counselling to help them get over their trauma and also help them to secure a job.

Old Age Home

The Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa old age home at Kasuva campus in Thiruvallur District was started in 1991 and is home to 70 elders.

The Gandhi Ashram Krishnan Memorial Old Age Home at Thanjavur was set up in 2017 on the land donated by a Gandhian and longtime donor of Sevalaya in memory of his father, a freedom fighter, as a facility to house 20 destitute elders (10 women and 10 men). Petrofac and LIC of india golden Jubilee foundation sponsored the construction of the building.

The V T Shanthi Senior citizens home at Dharmapuri, commenced operations in 2021. It is built on land donated by long term supporter V Manoharan, in memory of his wife, and, can accommodate 20 elders.

The Janaki Ammal Vijayaraghavachariar Memorial Senior Citizens Home, commenced operations in 2022. It is built on land donated by long term supporter D V Sridhar, can accommodate 20 elders.

The homes offer food, shelter and other services to destitute senior citizens to live with dignity.  The elders are monitored regularly by the medical team and physiotherapy services are rendered for those who require it.

The senior citizens are encouraged to participate, in whatever little way they can, in the activities of this self-reliant community, with the children at the homes on same campus too.

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Integrated Campus

Sevalaya has been selected as the implementation partner for the Tamilnadu Government’s Integrated Homes Project, under which, 25 destitute elders and 25 orphan/destitute children will be housed together in a  campus thus facilitating the creation of a bonding and family like atmosphere for the children and the elders.

The integrated campus in Kasuva centre helps around 25 children and 25 senior citizens to interact and live in harmony.


Sevalaya runs a cow sanctuary, Vinobaji – Gaushala for dry and aged cows. Over 100 cows are being taken care of in the shelter.

The cow dung is collected and used to produce natural manure for the organic farming activities on the campus. The cow dung is also used to produced bio gas, which meets 30% of the fuel requirements in the kitchen at Kasuva centre.

Gau Pooja and Agathi Keerai is performed on request on various occasions.

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