Vision mission values


The vision of Sevalaya is to serve the underprivileged and transform them in to an equitable, happy and fulfilled society with an improved quality of life



  • Sevalaya’s mission is to offer high quality inputs and services free of cost.
  • Ensuring excellent education, life skills, physical and mental wellbeing as also character building, to prepare children for responsible and happy lives.
  • Caring for the elders and ensuring their physical,mental, emotional and spiritual well-being,for them to lead their lives with dignity.
  • Capability enhancement of the poor, for self sustaining livelihood.
  • Rural development,leading to creation of model villages.
  • Relief and rehabilitation interventions in response to natural calamities.
  • Leadership and capacity enhancement of NGO sector.



  • Service and sharing
  • Equality
  • Moral uprightness
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

Sevalaya has been serving the rural underprivileged communities since 1988

Today, Sevalaya, a charitable trust operates in 27 centres in Tamil Nadu (9 districts). Sevalaya renders all its services absolutely free of cost to destitute and needy persons without any discrimination of caste, colour, religion, language, gender or nationality. ” Love All; Serve All” is Sevalaya’s motto.

The first centre of operations was started in Kasuva village near Thiruninravur, 45 KMs West of Chennai. Once largely inhabited by brick kiln labourers, whose children often accompanied them to work, the area has now been transformed into a vibrant community, with child labour totally abolished in Kasuva and over 40+ surrounding villages.

Over 5000+ rural students have availed free education at Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School. The school also has been achieving excellent results in 10th,11th and 12th board exams. . All of them are either employed or pursuing higher education.

Sevalaya runs a home for 550 plus destitute children, three old age homes for for 250+ destitute elders, two hospitals, a gaushala and 10 community colleges which offer vocational training in 11 trades. Majority of the 5,500+ qualified youth are placed on jobs while some of them are self-employed.

Medical camps, tuition centres and rescue-to-rehabilitation support for victims of natural calamities, the COVID 19 pandemic are some of the other services that are offered by Sevalaya.

Along with the trust of the communities and our CSR partners and donors, Sevalaya has implemented several projects for betterment of society and our work has been acknowledged, for the impact it has been creating.

Future Plans

Even as we have responded to evolving societal needs, recent years have witnessed rapid growth in our geographical presence, scope of activities and scale. Building on this momentum and responding to interest shown from new areas, Sevalaya is set to become a multi-state presence. Our long time goal is to start a free University for the benefit of orphans, the destitute and poor children.