Sevalaya reiterates that all its activities are carried out on the principles and dictum of Mahatma Gandhi, right from its very inception.  Gandhiji had repeated adviced  saying that “…..acts of kindness are by far more powerful than several  thousand bowing in prayer”. Accordingly, Sevalaya celebrates Dhan Utsan week, from 2nd October (Mahatma’s birth  anniversary) to 8th October.

This noble event and festival of philanthropy has been celebrated  by Sevalaya by taking the message to the members of Corporate in our contacts for their participation.

Sevalaya places Wish Tree  in the premises of the organisation for the employees to view and see (read) the wishes of the children. Delightfully, on our invitation, employees from the following Corporate, among several others, actively participated and demonstrated their deep love and affection to the children.

  • V. A. Tech Wabag
  • J.K. Fenner
  • PwC 
  • Lion Bridge Technologies
  • L & T Infotech
  • Sundaram Fsteners Limited
  • Indian Oil Corporation

About 2050 children have sent their wishes through these cards and they are tied to the branches of the trees.  The inquisitive employees pick up any one or more of them according their choice and contribute to satisfy the children’s wishes. The employees who had visited Wish Trees and contributed, experienced the Joy of Giving by satisfying the children’s wishes and they thanked Sevalaya for providing such an opportunity.

Sevalaya has about 2050 students and all are underprivileged. All the children will joyfully celebrate Deepavali festival, sans difference whatsoever, with the help from the participated members of Daan Utsav.

Relevant to the festival of Daan Utsav, Sevalaya has taken another initiative of organising “Gift Compassion”.  According to this programme, Sevalaya organised visits of students from 15 schools where privileged students study and in return Sevalaya’s students visit them.  In this programme the visiting students meet our children, give gifts, share ideas and discuss topics of their interests, and thus make the joy of giving day a really joyous one and develop the spirit of giving compassion. As mother Teressa had told that no matter how much we give but the love that matters”.   Sevalaya wishes to achieve.- the real and primary instinct  of mutual affection, love at the very young age!

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