Sevalaya celebrates World Book Day – 1000 students participated

Sevalaya, in its constant quest in fostering its students, developing them in all the activities, viz. excellence in education, sports, general knowledge and library habits strives hard and progressively achieving.  With this view Sevalaya, in its campus, maintains 3 libraries, with 25000 plus valuable books for the benefit of our 2000 plus students, teachers, village youth and others too.

More than anything else, Sevalaya seeks to explore and foster the cognitive intelligence in our students in a steadfast manner.

In the light of this broad thinking, Sevalaya celebrated World Book Reading Week in its campus at 9.00 AM.  The following are some of the important highlights:

  • Over 1000 students participated with interest and enthusiasm.
  • The interest of the students was evident from the total silence maintained while reading.
  • Sevalaya’s teachers also participated in the celebration by joining the students, guiding them and interacting on the interesting contents of the books.
  • Celebration of this event has triggered an enduring enthusiasm in the students and also created a spirit in them to develop this important habit for their lasting good in their lives.
  • The students gathered in large numbers and together read for over 2 hours in a disciplined manner.
  • Another important highlight of the occasion was that Sevalaya lent 50 books each of 5 schools around (totally 250 books). We chose the schools where library facility is not available.  Sevalaya has given to them (lent to them) for the benefit of their children.

While initiating the celebration, Ms. Vijaya, HM – Academics, Sevalaya said that “Reading a book is worth more than 100 teachers”.  She quoted this famous saying to explain the importance of the reading and the benefits of reading, thus inculcate the habit of reading.

You may be aware that this well meaning celebration has been designed for developing reading habit in the people, particularly students and youth.  Sevalaya, therefore, has chosen to celebrate the World Reading Day with purpose and to benefit our students and youth.

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