Sevalaya win fistful of medals at Bhumi cultural

This year, Bhumi’s annual cultural programme was held at Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of arts and science, Chennai on 9th and 10 October, 2016. There were a total of 300 students from eleven schools participated. The competitions were held in various cultural, literary and arts events. It was a pleasant sight to see the students participate with eagerness and exhibit their multifarious talent. Sevalaya students won prizes in 21 out of the 34 events conducted by Bhumi. The students were presented with medals, certificates, and gifts from the organisers. Sevalaya students keep adding to their individual medal collection and collective school trophies in each event they participate.

Sevalaya won the Bhumi Nakshatra competition for the 5th consecutive year.

The students won the First prize in the following categories

  • Group song (juniors, seniors and super seniors)
  • Adapt tune (juniors)
  • Adzap (seniors and super seniors)
  • Painting (juniors, super seniors))
  • Elocution (seniors)
  • Group dance (seniors and super seniors)
  • Pot painting (seniors, super seniors)
  • Junk art (juniors)
  • Quiz (super seniors)

They won the second prize in the following categories:

  • Story writing (seniors)
  • Pot painting (seniors)
  • Painting (super seniors)

They won the third prize in the following categories:

  • Rangoli (juniors and super seniors)
  • Story writing (super seniors)
  • Clay modeling (Junior)
  • Skit (Junior)
  • Painting (Junior)

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