Rainwater harvesting scheme benefits 3000

For the past 6 years, Sevalaya has been investigating the use of rainwater harvesting schemes to tackle the persistent and widespread problem of water shortage. Now, we are proud to report that our water harvesting methods have benefited around 3000 people. In the past year alone, we harvested 1.93 crore litres of water!

We have installed 15 collection tanks on roofs and unpaved areas where water is stored ready to be reused. The water collection units are scientifically calibrated so as to avoid water run-off and maximise harvest. Almost every roof in our 18-acre Kasuva campus is fitted with this equipment! The water collected is reused across the campus, to meet the demands of the school, children’s home, medical centre, community college, gaushala, kitchen and organic farm.

The declining water table is an issue of national interest and we hope that other organisations will follow Sevalaya’s example in tackling water shortage through rainwater collection.

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