Pongal Celebration at Sevalaya’s Kasuva Centre

Sevalaya celebrated pongal festival at Kasuva centre on 10 th January 2023.

Valli Kumar, Phonics Trainer and Founder of InnoBrain Academy, was the Chief Guest for the event.
The pongal was celebrated in a grand scale. Students, staff and senior citizens from Sevalaya's school,
Medical centre, community college and old age home celebrated the pongal . All wore traditional
dresses which were so beautiful.

The pots were well colored and places was decorated with kolams. The Chief Guest started the pongal
celebration by lighting up fire to the pot. Pots filled with pongal were distributed to all of them.
Sevalaya students performed traditional dances.

Shailaja Satish (Advocate), Puneetha Venkatasation (Venkatesan Mudaliar Family, Puliyur Village, Well-
wisher of Sewalaya,) and Dr. Geethika Nagalakshmi, Ayurvedic Consultant (from Akila Heights Flat) also