Heat whelming Moment

Soundharam patti has been in Sevalaya’s senior citizens home for many years now. When sevalaya had only one location I used to go there regularly and spend time with all residents, including this grandma. But in the last decade sevalaya has grown a little bit, and we are in 16 locations in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Also with nearly 300 staff members, my time is taken away mostly by them. I visit our first and main centre now and then but I can’t give all my time there anymore. Even if I go there, the majority of my time is spent with donors and staff. So this grandma started complaining that I am not visiting her. 

She celebrated her 99th birthday recently and was expecting that I would show up. But I had to present in a different centre as there was pressing work there. But I wanted to meet her on my next visit.

Yesterday I was at kasuva centre and our doctor Gokul reminded me about meeting soundharam grandma. I went to her dormitory and almost ran towards me, hugged me and welcomed me. She was so happy, visibly moved and almost in tears. “Now I will die peacefully. I was worried that I may not see you. You have come today. My prayers are answered”. 

I was wonderstruck, I could not react. Is it possible to bring so much joy to a person, by just visiting her for a few minutes? Is it so simple to bring joy to others?

If all the family members take care of their elders, do we need such senior citizens homes? Few minutes of spending time with them are all that they want. Will gen-next understand this?

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