Breast cancer Awareness program

Sevalaya’s medical centre, in its continued medical services extends assistance to its residents, comprising old age home residents, hostels’ children, staff members, villagers around.  It carries its services viz. medial consultation, attention, prescribing and providing medicines to the ailing patients, with the help of qualified Medical Practitioner. In addition, Medical-team-Sevalaya reaches villages around, organize awareness programme to the local people, prescribe  medicines  and cure of various ailments, and even chronic diseases.

Sevalaya, comprising its medical team, Campus staff reached Ayathur Village (with Medical Van) to organized an awareness programme on “Breast Cancer” Villagers, in  batches attended the programme, addressed by Ms. Renuka.

Renuka explained at length on the possible symptoms, method of self-examination, diagnosis, for the benefit of people for prevention and cure

She, in order to alert, gave tips on some symptoms, viz Pain, swelling, skin color change and bleeding among others.

She took the occasion to advise the women on the importance of breast-feeding in the larger of the children’s lasting good health.

Incidentally, Sevalaya wishes to state that Sevalaya’s medical vans reach  with its team of qualified Doctors, Staff Nurse, emergency medicine,  apparatuses,   to several villages in Tiruvallore,  Kancheepuram, and Chenglemet districts every day and thus the villagers are benefited totally free of costs.

The women attended the awareness programme,  used the occasion to get clarified their doubts and benefited.


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