Vallalar’s 200th Birthday Celebration at Sevalaya

Vallalar’s 200th Birthdaycelebration was held at Sevalaya’s Mahakavi
Bharathiyar Hr.Secondary school on 06- Oct -2022.

Sevalaya Murali, Founder & Managing Trustee welcomed the gathering.
The Chief guest L Subramani, Managing Director, Vallalar Arul Nilayam,
Thiruvallur district, in his address expressed his gratitude to Sevalaya for
inviting him to celebrate “Vallalar Jayanthi”. He elaborated on Vallalar’s history
for the students. Jeevakarunyam is very important in Vallalar’s life, and he
strictly adhered to it. He urged students to pursue it at a young age because it
will benefit their lives. Vallalar’s life teaches us valuable morals and cultural
values about human life.

Vallalar’s Gnana Sabai and Anayaa Adupu was established in 1867 to serve the
community. Subramani, spoke about his life and how he worked as the
Superintendent at the Director of Medical Education. He learned about Vallalar
and his life when he was 30 years old. He then became a devotee of Vallalar.
He stated that ten donors contributed land to build Vallalar’s Nilayam.
All the 18 Locations of Sevalaya celebrated this day as a tribute to Vallalar.

Vallalar Arul Nilayam sponsors dinner for Sevalaya’s students and the senior
citizens on Pournami (the full moon day) every month. S Kanchana, Head Value
Education proposed the vote of thanks.