Spreading the message of Sevalaya’s great leaders to the youth

R Vijayaraghavan, Social Science Teacher, Sevalaya visited “Uratchi Onriya  nadunillai Palli” the school Dr Kalam studied, on 15th October 2016, his birth anniversary. It was a dream comes true for Vijaraghavan, as he is fondly called. He propagates the messages of Bharathiyar, Gandhi and Vivekananda to many schools in Chennai and other districts. Nearly 150 students and some ardent admirers of Dr Kalam were present in the school when he spoke about his vision for India, which mirrored the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. When he visited the final resting place of Dr Kalam, he came across another batch of students from a private school. After obtaining the necessary permissions, he gave an impromptu speech about Dr Kalam to the students and visitors. He says, “I was overwhelmed by the occasion and the warm reception at both places. It’s a great feeling to see the young students listen ardently about our leaders.” He covered nearly 9 districts around 100 schools.

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