Spoken English at all centres

BNY Mellon has been partnering with Sevalaya since 2016. Volunteers have been coming to the campus for several activities. Noticing the need for improving English communication skills the company has sponsored teachers for spoken English project so that all children of the High school as well as 120 students from the community colleges can benefit from the same. The teacher takes these classes through VCON from the Kasuva centre.

Since the beginning of this academic year spoken English classes are being conducted daily for the students and in all 5 community colleges of Sevalaya. The students studying in the community colleges have not completed formal schooling, homemakers and girls who want to take up some form of employment to improve their standard of living. In today’s scenario where many are unemployed due to lack of proper communication skills, these classes have come as a boon to the students. A basic working knowledge of English and good communication skills in English improves their chances of getting employed in good organizations with a higher pay scale with a hope of going up the ladder, quicker. In the last 3 months they have learnt how to introduce themselves, formulating sentences, and grammar.

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