BNY Mellon volunteers teach, donate and nurture

On 29th July 2017, 12 volunteers taught 25 students in Std IV the art of making household clay models (plates, pot and animals). The children were started moulding the clay with gusto. The team of volunteers then engaged the in colouring activities. The paintings and clay models were displayed in the class. This is a long term activity and will go on till the end of the year. The plan is to have a 2 hour session over the weekends and about 125 students are likely to benefit out of this.

Another group of 20 volunteers went to the interior village of Velliyur and planted 40 shade trees in the Govt primary health centre. Tree guards were installed around the tree for safety and upkeep. Seeing the activity, the doctor from the primary health centre planted a sapling too!! The volunteers then moved over to Saraswathy nagar near Thiruninravur and planted 20 trees. The villagers took active part in the whole proceedings and helped in moving the tree guards from each location. The villagers have promised to water the saplings regularly. 10 Junior Red Cross students and 2 alumni helped in this activity as well.

On Independence Day, 12 volunteers visited the campus and assisted in the organic farm area weeding out grass from the vegetable patch. They pitched in and supported the blood donation camp conducted by Sevalaya in association with Lions Club of Muthamizh, Chennai by filling in forms from the prospective donors and later assisted in cleaning the stage after the blood donation camp. The volunteers also donated blood.

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