Sevalaya’s reconstruction of homes at Pakkam village

Homes in Pakkam village were severely damaged during the floods, with parts of walls being washed away, and ceiling caving in. The residents were scared to enter their homes for fear of it falling down. Sevalaya reached out to its donor base and solicited funds for rebuilding these homes. Three out of the 52 homes affected by the floods in Pakkam and Puliyur, were residences of Sevalaya employees V S Sivakumar from Singapore, chose to rebuild these three homes. Sevalaya performed Bhoomi pooja on 20th January, 2016 and will begin construction of these homes. Sevalaya is talking to many corporate institutions and are encouraged by their response, and hope to help the villagers regain their homes during the first half of the year. The plan is to move on to help more villages in the second half of the year.

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