Sevalaya’s Humanitarian Gesture

Chennai city was witness to heavy downpours and flash floods in the second and third weeks of November. On the night of 14th of November, Mr. Veera Raghava Rao IAS (Collector, Thiruvallur District) called Sevalaya and informed them about a senior citizen stranded in the rains near Veppampat village and asked if Sevalaya could help this person.

At 11 PM in the night, amid heavy rains and flooded roads, Sevalaya’s staff traveled to the location, rescued the senior citizen and brought him to the Campus to safety.

Upon inquiry, the man’s name was found to be Krishnan, a resident of Govindapuram, near Jaya College. He informed the staff that his wife’s name is Geetha, he has a son, Kamalakannan and a daughter named Muniyammal. Sevalaya is trying to trace the family.

The recent rains and floods in Tamil Nadu have caused a lot of damage to property and life. Few people like Krishnan, who do not have a roof on their head already, are the ones who suffer the most from this natural disaster. It is at these times of crisis that along with government, NGOs will also have to step up to the task of helping the homeless and the needy. The fact that the Collector of Thiruvallur district chose to call Sevalaya at the hour of crisis, reflects the work that Sevalaya has already done in the district and the trust the Government authorities and locals have placed on the organization. Sevalaya is already working on the rehabilitation of Krishnan. It has incorporated him into its home for the elderly (Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa old age home), where around seventy senior citizens are enjoying a new life.

If anyone has details of Krishnan’s family, please contact Sevalaya (Ph. 7299004456).

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