Sevalaya teamed up with Haworth India Pvt ltd inaugurated Community College and a physiotherapy unit in Kiloy village

A Community College offering Skill Development program and a physiotherapy unit at the medical
centre was inaugurated on 11th January 2023, in Kiloy village at Sriperumbudur block, Kanchipuram
district. These initiatives are under the CSR project of Haworth India Pvt Ltd and the implementation
partner is Sevalaya. Both the project are worth around 19 lakhs which will benefit 3000 underprivileged
people in and around Kiloy village.

Haworth India Pvt Ltd sponsored 8 computers , 10 tailoring machines, and other infrastructure materials
for the community college. Haworth India Pvt Ltd also sponsored therapy equipments like wax
machines and other supportive equipments to the Physiotherapy unit at the medical centre located in
Kiloy village.
Vasudeva Rao Anand, Finance Director, Haworth India Pvt Ltd was the Chief Guest of the event
inaugurated the community college and physiotherapy unit.

In his speech, he highlighted the impact that Sevalaya's work has had on the lives of villagers in that
area. He emphasized that by providing education and healthcare services, Sevalaya is bringing hope to a
population that has limited access to these resources. He spoke to the students about the importance
of acquiring knowledge and skills and progress in life. He also added that Physiotherapy unit will provide
relief to the villagers.

N Devanandh, Operations Director and Mahendran Balan, Senior Finance Manager from Haworth India
private limited and others managers in Haworth India Pvt Ltd also participated.

N Devanandh, emphasized that the youth should make best use of the opportunities provided by

The Community college offers basic Computer and tailoring course for more than 150 underprivileged
women and youth in and around five villages of Kiloy. Five villages include Killoy Village, Killoy Colony,
Ayakulathoor Village, Ayakulathoor Colony, and A.N. Kandigai will be benefitted by this program.

On 27th April 2022, Sevalaya conducted a preliminary visit to Killoy village in Sriperumbudur Block,
Kanchipuram to assess the needs of the community. Killoy is a medium-sized village with a population of
3000 people, consisting of 700 families living in 5 hamlets. The village is located 3 kilometers from
Sriperumbudur, and is in close proximity to the Haworth India Private Ltd office.

Earlier V Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee welcomed the gathering. A A Kingston , VP ,
Operations, Sevalaya proposed the vote of thanks.