Sevalaya students make a promise – never to touch alcohol

In an effort to make the students understand how addiction to alcohol destroys not only the person but also the family, the society and the country, Sevalaya organizes Putli Ba day on 5th August every year.

Before Mahatma Gandhil left for London for Higher studies, his  mother  (Putli Ba) extracted a promise from him that  he would not drink, a promise which he upheld not only during the trying years in London but also till his last breath.

The oath was administered by the chief guest Shri G.Ram Mohan, a staunch Gandhian and Former Safety commissioner, Indian Railway. Sri Ram Mohan sponsored 500 Tshirts with the slogan –I promise never to drink alcohol. Mr Ram  Mohan. The chief guest emphasized that this promise would help the boys overcome temptations in their life in later years.


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