Love and compassion to all living beings

The central theme of Karuna Club is to disseminate the concept of love and compassion to all students. On 6th August 2017 Karuna Club was inaugurated at Sevalaya. During his speech, the Chief Guest Shyam Sundarji Goenka, Proprietor, Meenakshi India Ltd told students that compassion is the most important aspect of life. He hoped that this idea will reach the parents of the children and spread to the rest of the society.

Suresh Kumar Kankaria, Vice-President, Karuna International, Sajjanraj Ji Surana, President Karuna club, R Murugesan, Education Department, Karuna International also participated in the event. They lauded the efforts of Sevalaya in planting trees around villages as well as its concern for animals and nature. The students took an oath to be compassionate to all living beings.

Karuna Club International distributed 300 pens and 90 sets of sports clothes to the students. A cultural event was presented by the students on the theme of ‘Ahimsa’.

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