Sevalaya organises inter-religious Prayer for World Peace

Sevalaya organised an inter-religious Prayer for World Peace on 7 March 2022. The staff, senior citizens, Board members, donors and students of Sevalaya from all 18 locations joined the online Prayer. 

As an introduction, Sevalaya Murali spoke about the power of group Prayer. He cited examples of how on earlier occasions Sevalaya conducted joint Prayers for the recovery of donors from serious illness and accident injuries, which yielded positive results.

Speaking on the current war situation between Russia and Ukraine, he observed how this war has affected the citizens. Asserting that War cannot be justified under any circumstances, “At this juncture Prayer is our only Hope. Let us Pray that sanity prevails and the conflicts are resolved peacefully.”  He concluded.

Prayer Songs of Hinduism /Sikhism, verses of Italian Catholic friar Saint Francis Assisi for world peace and verse from the Holy Quran were readout.

All the participants then took Peace Pledge.

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