Sevalaya Inaugurates Science Exhibition – “Light & Soil”

United Nations as announced the year 2015 as year of “Light and Soil” it aims to bring together the Scientific society, Educational institutions, Not-for-profit organizations to focus on the topic of Science and its applications. The initiative broadly aims to educate the important of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions. In the light of this Sevalaya organized an exhibition on the topics “Light and Soil” in the campus. The entire initiative was taken by the teachers and students of Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Hr.sec School, Kasuva village.

The exhibition was graced by the presence of Chief educational officer, Thiruvallur District. In the exhibition about 100 exhibits were showcased the different aspects of Light and Soil. This includes formation of soil its types various vegetations grown in different kinds of soil, organisms found in soil, the causes of soil erosion and pollution. Similarly, light section explained the nature of light its usage in various modern devices, the natural cycles like day & night, seasons, eclipses etc., The visitors to the exhibition, mainly students and youth from 40 plus villages, viewed, listened, understood and praised the efforts of Sevalaya on the important of the scientific subjects.

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