Republic Day celebrated at all Sevalaya’s centres

25th January 2019 marked India’s 70th Republic Day! All Sevalaya’s centres marked this important day with festivities to honour this date when the Constitution of India came into effect back in 1950. Sevalaya welcomed Mr. Nanda Kumar, Managing Director, Rainbow Integhrated Multitech Private Limited participated as Chief Guest in it’s Kasuva Campus. Traditional dances were performed and the festivities closed with the National Anthem. May we all celebrate the spirit, values and accomplishments of our nation on this special day.

In his brief note he said that  “This day is a great day in all respects.  A nation not only to be Independent but also should have the capacity to manage the affairs. The  lie of the Britishers who were said that Indians lack the capacity to administer and rule the nation,  have been effectively disproved by people of India by their achievements. The country progresses well.” He further said that we should remove the obstacles and impediments lock-stock-barrel, which stand in the way of our progress. No doubt the righteous persons may come across some hurdles in their mission; but by their hard work they can come over and achieve.” He took the occasion to praise the children who performed.

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