Putlibai day – Sevalaya students take oath holding their mother’s hands

”We will never consume alcohol” – Sevalaya students take oath holding their mothers’ hands at Putlibai day

On 5th August 2021, 200 students of  Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School and Community College  made a promise to their mothers that they will never consume alcohol at the PutliBa Day celebrations held at Kasuva centre.

To make the students understand how alcohol addiction destroys not only the person but also the family, the society, and the country, Sevalaya, a registered charity functioning since 1988 for the cause of the orphan, poor, and destitute children, and senior citizens, organizes PutlibaiDay every year.

Mahatma Gandhi left Porbandar for Bombay on his way to London for Higher Studies on Aug 05th 1888, but not before making a promise to his mother that he would not drink, which he upheld not only during the difficult years in London but also until the end.

Mother’s influence on young boys is everlasting and a promise made to the mother is one which children are bound to keep throughout their lives. So in commemoration of the day on which young Gandhi made this promise to his mother and to ensure that our children do not fall prey to the vice that is all pervading in this time, Sevalaya came up with the idea of making the students promise to their mothers that they will abstain from alcohol.

The oath was administered by the Chief Guest G Ram Mohan, a staunch Gandhian and Former Safety commissioner, Indian Railways. Ram Mohan emphasized that this promise would help the boys overcome temptations in their life in later years. He impressed upon the students the sanctity of this pledge which should not be taken as a casual repetition of words but must be adhered to in all earnestness.

The Chief Guest was impressed with the experiences of the mothers who were emotionally expressing their confidence that their sons would adhere to this promise and have a healthy and happy life. He also gave gifts to them for sharing their experiences.

State level competitions were conducted online to commemorator  the day.  1309 students from 38 districts participated in various competitions, like oratorical, quiz and the chief guest distributed the prizes to the winners from nearby schools, and other prizes will be sent by courier to the winners.

Earlier V Muralidharan founder and Managing Trustee welcomed the gathering and explained the significance of this event.

S Kanchana, Head, Value Education, Sevalaya presented a Vote of thanks and the function came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.


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