Mahakavi Bharathi Day

State Open Book Exam : Prisoners among prize winners

Over the years, the children in Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School have inculcated values for life, from the teachings of the great leaders, Gandhiji, Vivekanda and Bharathiyar.

To widen the benefit, Sevalaya has been conducting open book examinations on these great leaders . These examinations are open for all the schools, colleges and prisons in Tamilnadu. In the month of November an open book exam on Mahakavi Bharathiyar was conducted.

There was a good response from the schools, with a total of 1000 children from 20 schools participating. This year, the examinations had 30 residents of 3 prisons participating. At a function held on 11th December 2014, seven students from Cuddalore, Kancheepuram, Thoothukodi, Chidambaram and Thiruvallur districts received their prizes from the Chief Guest, Rajeev Raizada, Field General Manager of Punjab National Bank . Also receiving their prizes for doing well at the examinations were 4 prison officers representing the prisoners from Cuddalore and Coimbatore prisons.

The Chief Guest praised Sevalaya’s vision of inculcating discipline through the ideologies of the great leaders and noted that the impact was greatly visible in the behavior of the children in the school.The children look more disciplined and the teachers have played a major part to shape these children. He appreciated the services and commited to extend his support to Sevalaya in whatever means he can. Asst. General Manager Rajeev Kheera, who participated in the function appreciated the children for having high aspirations to become doctors and Collectors and encouraged them to consider banking which is also a rewarding career.

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