Karthikeyan, spends his birthday with family at Sevalaya

Mr. Kathikeyan Chakkarapani, a software engineer from USA, has always acknowledged and supported our endeavours. Though he has climbed the ladders of the corporate world successfully, he is always ready to aid the ones in need back home. Mr. G.R. Radhakrishnan, son of GRT head introduced him to Sevalaya when Mr. Kathikeyan Chakkarapani was looking for an organisation to sponsor education for children. During floods he had assisted the flood affected people with donations, through Sevalaya. He has visited Sevalaya many times, and is always amazed by the development at the campus, year after year.

This year, his visit was a harbinger of joy, as he decided to celebrate his birthday, on 2nd August, 2016, at Sevalaya campus, with his wife, Mrs. Sridevi, and two children. He cut a cake in the dining hall and distributed sweets to the children and elders.

The residents were overjoyed to meet him and his family. His own kids were humbled to meet and play with the school students. It was truly a sight to behold.

Mr. Chakkarapani expressed his joy in seeing the numerous initiatives undertaken. He visited the Mahakavi Bharathiyar School, the lush green organic farms and enjoyed the tranquillity in the company of our aged residents. He was very happy that the children here have got a good opportunity to be in Sevalaya. He commented that he was most inspired by Sevalaya’s emphasis on self sufficiency, properly planned activity, clean and comfortable classrooms, use of solar power and quality and nourishing food.

During the visit he noted his appreciation stating that Sevalaya is ‘very inspiring and well maintained’ and gave thumbs up saying “Great job Sevalaya Team”.

His generous contributions have brought broad smiles to many faces, at Sevalaya. Sevalaya, through the years, has not just grown in numbers but in the strength too, because of many such benefactors.

Thank you, Mr. Karthikeyan Chakkarapani for your continuous support. The Sevalaya family is grateful to you and to your family!

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