Grand Teacher’s Day Celebration in Sevalaya

Sevalaya celebrated teachers day in its Kasuva Centre on 3rd Sep 2018.  Isaikavi Ramanan, a well know musical poet and an eloquent orator was the Chief Guest. Quoting interesting anecdotes from his school days , he stressed the importance of a teacher’s role in shaping a child. He also appealed to the teachers to instill a sense of pride about our motherland in students mind which according to him is the need of the hour.

S  Krishnamoorthy, a retired officer from Life Insurance Corporation, celebrated his 80th birth day with his family on that day and he sponsored the programme as well as a festive lunch for the residents of Sevalaya. He also performed Gau pooja at the Gaushala. Krishnamoorthy also created a  permanent endowment for the education of 3 students of Sevalaya.

The students provided a colourful cultural programme.

All the staff of Sevalaya were given a gift of 10 gm silver coin each on the occasion of Teachers Day.

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