Grand Rajaji day in Sevalaya campus

Rajaji Day was celebrated in Sevalaya campus in a grand manner, at Kasuva. Kavikko Gnanaselvan, a Tamil Scholar, participated in the event as the Chief Guest. In his special address to the students and youth, he said that “Rajaji adorned several high positions in India, both during British Rule and after independence. He was known for his sagacity and wisdom while performing the roles in the Government and enactment of laws, his farsightedness in the matters that concern the nation, concern to the poor are all the hallmark of his great qualities. His sagacious prescription to the problems are to be mentioned. He imposed prohibition in the State, which saved the poor. He introduced “Sales Tax”, which several other states also followed and in fact it had proved to be the main source for the exchequer for the State’s expenditure.” he recalled. And also he explained the children the greatness of Tamil language.

Rajaji’s ardent admirers Shri Raghunathan, Dr. N.R. Ramanathan, Shri Sankaran, Shri Namachivayam and some of his contemporaries took part in the function and shared their experiences with Rajaji.

Another highlight of the function was prizes were distributed to the students who participated in the Open Book Competition Examinations and won conducted by Sevalaya.  The function was marked by Dance and Villupattu programme on Rajaji.

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