Food distribution at the Puthurvayal relief camp on behalf of Sevalaya Samaritan

Food distribution at the Puthurvayal relief camp on behalf of Sevalaya Samaritan.


Sevalaya Samaritan with the support of donors is providing lunch and dinner to 70 Paniyar tribals at Puthurvayal flood relief camp whose livelihood has been affected by the heavy rain.

Many homeless and tribal people from Thean Vayal, Guadlur, Nilgiri District, are the worst hit due to the heavy rainfall and floods. Their livelihood opportunities had dwindled in these pandemic times and worsened due to floods. They depend on contributions and support of the general public and donors even during normal days but their situation is bleaker now.

So Government has arranged a Flood relief camp at Puthur Vayal where 70 Paniyar tribes from the Thean Vayal village is housed in a school in Gudalur, Nilgiri District.

Sevalaya Samaritan stepped in to aid them by organising food distribution for the next couple of days, On 25th July 2021, the staff of Sevalaya Samaritan, Gudalur Centre supplied lunch and dinner to these people. This will continue till the situation improves.

The people are very grateful for their timely help from Sevalaya Samaritan as lunch and dinner were great comforts in such difficult situations.

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