Donors respond to Sevalaya children’s needs

Cycles to make commuting easy and safer for 37 children

                    The June 2014 issue of the newsletter had highlighted the daily problem of commuting faced by Sevalaya school children living a fair distance away.
                     It triggered immediate responses, with promise of cycles for the children, from many quarters.
                     Already, for 37 children, commuting has become less strenuous. They are also finding more time for studies and leisure.

Sevalaya, functioning for the past 26 years, has created a niche for itself in Thiruvallur district. The school children have been getting 100% results continuously due to the good infrastructure and efforts of the dedicated, committed staff. As a result, underprivileged children from far flung villages are keen to join the school. They are ready to walk long distances to come to this school and often reach home often after sunset. When these children are promoted to higher classes the situation worsens as they have to come earlier or stay back for special classes.
A few months back Sevalaya’s news – letter carried an appeal requesting funding for cycles, to make commuting easier and safer for Sevalaya’s children who cover long distances daily. Many children had been repeatedly asking their class teachers for some help. Sevalaya has great faith in its donors who have always stood by the organization and so it was decided to appeal to them. The results were seen soon enough.
32 children of Sevalaya’s school were given cycles by kindhearted donors on 9th August 2014. V. V. S. Ravindra andG. DuraiPandian,  employees of TCS and regular donors of Sevalaya, along with their  friends, donated these cycles. Earlier              V. Ramiah, another longstanding donor donated a cycle for a girl. Donors from Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samiithi, Besant Nagar and friends from Caring Souls Trust India also donated 2 cycles each to four children.
Vijayaraghavan, a student of Std VIII comes from Sembedu village which is nearly 10 kms from the school and the village does not have proper bus facility. The bright boy is a member of all talent clubs. To excel in these he used to come to the school early in the morning and leave very late from school. After he was given the cycle he was so happy that he shared his joy with us.
“ I am proud to study in the school. This school has helped me to learn many things. I have lost my parents and the school is everything for me. Now for all the classes I can come on time and reach home on time. Thanks for the school which has given me everything.”

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