Bhumi competitions: Sevalaya champs, 4th time

School team wins 19 prizes in 19 events

”The Sevalaya children with their overall championship trophy”

Sevalaya kids have once again proved their ability to excel in extra curricular activities, just as they do in academics. They have won the Bhumi Nakshatra competition for the 4th consecutive year.

Bhumi Nakshatra is a competition held among NGOs across Chennai, in arts, culturals and sports. The competitions for arts and sports were held on 12th July 2014, wherein 45 NGOs participated.

There were 19 events and the Sevalaya kids participated in all of them. The events are designed to bring out the hidden talents of the children. In arts, the events included Clay modelling, Junk art, Face Painting, Collage, Rangoli and Pot painting. The students won prizes in Face Painting, Collage, Pot Painting and Junk art.

S Vijayaraghavan, Winner of Star of Nakshatra Award
S Vijayaraghavan,
Winner of Star of Nakshatra Award

They also got an wonderful opportunity to prove themselves in Elocution, Pot Pouri, Story writing, Guess it, Quiz and Star of Nakshatra. The children got prizes in all the events in both senior and junior levels, signifying the reassuring continuity of abundant talent.

S. Vijayaraghavan, a Std VIII student of Sevalaya got the prestigeous ‘Star of Nakshatra Award’. Said a beaming Vijayaraghavan:     ”The confidence that my teachers built in me and the holistic approach of education in our school has got me this award. In the competition, I had to show my overall talent in answering the questions the judges asked  and performing whatever they asked me to do. I was able to do it very well only because of the confidence I have”

Sevalaya kids also got the Second prize in the group dance. The judges commended the song and the dance selection of Sevalaya team which helped the team bag the the prize.

Sharing her experiences, S. Roobini, a student of Std X who participated in group dance said, “We have been participating in group dance competition for the past two years but we did not get any prize. This time we were particular about the song selection and the dance movements. We bagged the second prize and we are happy for it”.

The credit goes to the teachers who put in their best to train the children to excel  in the events.

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