Divya Placed 5th at Nationals

Divya hails from Salem and lived with her ailing mother Santa and sister Lalita in a family abandoned by her father.  Divya’s mother died when she was in third grade.  Divya and Lalita both grew up in the warmth of their grandfather.

They both joined Sevalaya hostel to pursue her 4th std and her sister 5th std. Divya, who was not bound to the teachers, was on her course.  Controlling and disciplining Divya has always been a big challenge for teachers. She is interested in sports and won many medals. Divya is in 8th std now. She is interested in playing volleyball. Divya’s Speed ​​& Hand Power was predicted by her athletic coach who advised her to practice Ball Throw Event. During Covid-19 Lockdown, she started doing a strong practice. As an alternative to the Javelin Throw Event in India, the Athletic Federation of India had announced the first Ball Throw event for girls under the age of 14 in all states. Divya was trained by the coach to perform effectively at the Ball Throw event.

Divya won gold medal in the Ball Throw at State level athletics meet in Sivakasi with the throwing performance of 40.98 meters in her first event.  She was selected for the National level athletic meet held at Assam. She excelled in the national level competition held at Assam on February 6th-10th and she has been ranked 5th place by throwing a distance of 42.89 meters. She is scheduled to compete in the South Indian level athletics meet to be held in Kerala on February 26th to 28th.  She has been working hard to win the gold medal in this competition.

Divya who came up with many struggles has now emerged as a record breaking girl and has elevated herself to the level of being appreciated by all.  She wants to continue this spirit. Divya aims to excel at the Javelin Throw & Sprint event in future and she hopes to win a medal for India.

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