Clean-up drive in Marina Beach by EXL Service Employees and Sevalaya staff

EXL Service, Chennai as a part of its CSR activity partnered with Sevalaya, to conduct a Cleanup drive in Marina beach, Chennai on 26th November 2022.

95 employees from EXL Service, 50 staff of Sevalaya  and students of Sevalaya’s Gayathri Vocational Centre at Pattinapakkam participated in this event.Sevalaya students presented a mime on deforestation and its ill effects.

The event started by grouping the employees and students into 5 teams of 10 each. They were given a pair of gloves, masks, garbage covers etc to pick up trash. Each team was allocated a place and told to pick up plastics, paper and bottles etc. Finally, all the collected trash was gathered at a point and picked up by the cleaning staff from Chennai Corporation .At the end of the event refreshments were distributed.

Prasanti ,Vice President, EXL Service thanked Sevalaya for organizing the clean-up drive and appreciated Sevalaya students who woke up early to participate in the event. Venkatesan, Sub Inspector, from D5 Police station, Marina beach said that we should keep our home as well as our area clean.

Staff of Chennai Corporation administered a pledge to all the participants, to segregate the waste in source, to keep the city and the house clean and to save the environment. Payal Chhabria ,EXL Service and Muskan Jain, Senior Manager(Global Corporate Social Responsibility Lead)  , EXL coordinated the event.

Earlier V Muralidharan, Founder of Sevalaya welcomed the gathering and the  vote of thanks was proposed by  N Navin Kumar , AVP , Donor Relations, Sevalaya.