Christmas Celebration 2018

‘God dwells in all our actions’- VGP Rajadas said in Sevalaya’s Christmas Function

Christmas was celebrated at Sevalaya on 19th of December with the participation of Mr. VGP Rajadas, Managing Director, VGP Golden Beach Resorts, Rev. Fr. Thiru Vinodkumar, SCS Parris Pries, Pattibiram, and Mr T N De Cruz.

Children preformed traditional dances, as well as some more original Christmas performances. Some of Sevalaya’s youngest students took part in a charming nativity display. The occasion was made even more delightful by a visit from ‘Santa Clause’ himself. Mr. De Cruz appeared in the hall dressed as Santa; he was met by cheers from the student-audience as he danced his way down the aisle, giving out sweets as he went. Speeches then followed these festivities.

Mr. Rajadas, in his special address to the audience said that “Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ.”  He further emphasised ‘to show love to everybody is essential, one can conquer the world by mutual love and affection. Not should we show kindness to all the living beings, but we should also develop faith in God and only then we will be blessed by Him.’  He ended by singing a song that echoed his message.

Rev. Fr. Vinodhkumar, in his speech, said that Sevalaya’s inspiring great leaders, Bharathi-Gandhi-Vivekanada, had followed great messages of Jesus Christ and preached the same to the world. He reminded the children God should be present in everything they do.

The impressive christmas cake was made by Sevalaya’s community college bakeyr. It was distributed to Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff members, and villlagers, numbering 2500.

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