Children’s day with children in the Paediatric ward at Medical College, Chengalpattu

Sevalaya organized Children’s day celebration for the children in Medical College,

Sevalaya organized a children’s day celebration for 50 children in the Paediatric ward at Medical
College, chengalpattu on 14th November 2022. Dr K Narayanasamy, Dean of Medical College,
chengalpattu and K Amirthalingam, Plant Engineering & CSR, Renault Nissan automotive were
Chief Guests.

Dr K Narayanasamy in his speech talked about the importance of giving healthy, nutritious food
to the children. K Amirthalingam said that children should be given home made savouries and
sweets and outside snacks and chocolates should be avoided as far as possible. Sevalaya children
danced and entertained the children in the hospital to cheer them up and wish them a speedy
recovery.Food items like biscuits, bread and fruits (banana, apple and satikudi) were given to

Earlier Prasanna Parthasarathy, VP, of Donor Relations welcomed the gathering and briefed us
about the activities of the organization Kingston VP of Operations proposed vote of Thanks.