Celebrate Navarathri buying Cute Dolls



Sevalaya is pleased to invite all to visit our  10 Day – Navarathri 2019  Golu Exhibition and Sale at its City Office:  54 P.S. Sivasamy Saalai, (Next to Vivekanda college) Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.

 Sevalaya has organised this women-specific festival for the first time to celebrate with general public.  Our initiative is meant to convey not only the traditional flavor and fervor of the festival, also aimed at explaining the purpose of arranging attractive dolls made of  paper mesh and Rose-wood materials.  That is Plaster of Paris and Plastic ingredients are averted in conformity to Sevalaya’s continued eco-mission philosophy.  The dolls arranged are Rose wood carved marapachi  bommai, Tanjore paintings, , paper mesh, etc.,

 The proceeds on the sale of dolls will be used for educating Sevalaya’s destitute children and poor from villages around.

 The inauguration took place at 4.00 PM on 28th September 2019 at our City Office , Mylapore.  We are also pleased to inform you that on the concluding day, i.e. Vijayadasami Day,  one-day workshop will be held   It will be explained to the participants on how to make eco-friendly dolls 

Looking forward for your visit.

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