BNY Mellon volunteers assist in restoring normalcy after Cyclone Vardah

Barely five days after the devastating cyclone ripped through the Sevalaya, 34 volunteers from BNY Mellon came to the campus. Though they had heard about the damage, little did they expect the scale of destruction. They sprung to action and started clearing the huge logs that had fallen all over the place. Truckloads of logs were filled and the place cleared of debris. A A Kingston, VP-operations, Sevalaya, said that the BNY Mellon volunteers worked seamlessly with Sevalaya staff and were a huge source of moral and physical support. He also said that on that Saturday alone, they were able to clear up more than 25% of the fallen trees and debris.

Sevalaya family gratefully acknowledges BNY Mellon for their spontaneous support during the calamity.

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