Actor Dhamu’s guidance to Sevalaya teachers

An inspiring one day session by Mr Dhamu Cine actor and master trainer of Lead India’s 2020 for the 70 teachers of Sevalya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School titled “Teachers are Parents” “Energising Teachers” truly charged up the teachers, motivating them , boosting their confidence levels and helping them comprehend  exactly how they could help their students to do well in life. The trainer guided the teachers to introspect and realize that a student’s performance depends directly on the extent of impact the teachers’ teaching has on the student’s mind.  With beautiful comparisons and scientific biological explanations he helped them understand how teachers should help the mind of the student’s blossom by understanding their varied problems and offering apt solutions for the same.

Mr Dhamu led the teachers through an emotional experience which helped in bringing out their gratitude towards their parents and stressed that this quality should be similarly inculcated in their students. This would automatically trigger a sense of responsibility and lead them on the right path. He also stressed on the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health and passing this on to the students.

The second half of the session was totally devoted to guiding the teachers to a celebratory mood where they visualized their students getting state ranks and performing excellently in the board exams . The various celebrations and different associated exercises brought the session to a close with the participants in an exhilarated mood.

Ms Vijaya Vice President Education summed it up beautifully. “We have been planning and working towards this goal of getting a state rank and this programme seemed such a coincidence just as we had read in “The Secret” as if the entire universe is conspiring and helping us to attain our goal”

Earlier Mr V Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee Sevalaya, welcomed the guest and honoured him. Mr Dhamu will be conducting two motivational training sessions for the students of Std X and XII on July 4th and 5th respectively.

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