Achievements of a differently abled poor student

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You may be aware that Sevalaya’s Sports activities and its continuous efforts in imparting physical education and games to all its students.  While, Sevalaya’s students score achievements in academics for the past 30 years, they are vigorously trained to participate in all sports activities at inter-school, inter-district and participation at national levels. In fact, participating and achieving in Olympics are the set benchmark for Sevalaya and in our full time Sports Director works towards that goal.

We give a story of a differently abled student, by name, J. Vishal, whose determination is to achieve in Chess:

Vishal, Sevalaya’s student, studying Std IX, hails from a poor agricultural family in Puliyur Kandigai  village, near Tiruninravur, Tiruvallore District, Tamilnadu. Family conditions have not deterred him in aiming big.  Inspired by his father, and his mother, who does tailoring job to supplement their agricultural income, he has developed keen interest from his childhood in learning and playing Chess. Vishal’s present achievements and chronology of events:

Chronology of events that helped and has been helping Vishal in the Sport

  1. Encouragement by Mr.V. Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee: Mr. Muralidharan visited Puliyur Government Elementary school as the Chief Guest to a function when Vishal was studying Std V. Mr. Muralidharan was impressed by his enthusiasm in Chess. The boy was looking for a High school to get into, and Mr. Muralidharan gave him a seat in Std VI. Since then, he has been studying in Sevalaya School as day scholar.
  2. Mr. Balaraman, Secretary, Tiruvallore District Chess Association: Stunned by the unusual enthusiasm, cleverness, strategy and tactics, he made Vishal to participate in district tournaments, and to enable to participate he was regularly sending free passes to Vishal.  This had facilitated his developing systematically. Mr. Balaraman, himself a celebrity in Chess world.  He is also an Arbiter. Mr. Balaraman, regularly sits with him and played with him for hours, to train him on the aspects of tactics and concentration, that are essential for Chess game.
  3. Mr. Srivatsan, International Arbiter: He is a long time supporter of Sevalaya and also a donor for Sevalaya.  Right from the beginning he was coaching Vishal, particularly on the intricate chess moves. He taught several important strategies and also intuitive approaches in nuanced dimensions.

 About Vishal on his ambitions

  1. Mr. Vishal is ambitious in this indoor game. He wants to become an uncompromising Champion to be watched by Chess lovers.
  2. Mr. Vishal  is desirous of starting a Chess Academy, which should be essentially be a poor people inclusive, and to give coaching to a very large number of aspirants, thereby make India a visible one  in the Chess champion map of the world.
  3. Mr. Vishal says he wants to develop his ability drawing inspiration from the Indian Chess King Anand, who won laurels across globe of sports.

 More About Vishal

Vishal is a differently abled, suffering  from muscular dystrophy. But this does not deter him from his developing himself from his chosen area.  As a student also he is a bright boy, loved by all in the school.  Mr. Muralidharan, wants to give him all the opportunities for him to develop to any extent he can and desirous of.  He has been extending also all the help, to see he is coming up.

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