Tuition at their doorsteps

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down all educational institutions, underprivileged students were left in the dark as their parents couldn’t provide them online education facilities. Sevalaya has taken an initiative to send their teachers to remote villages to teach higher secondary students as public exams are around the corner. To initiate this project, Karalapakkam was selected as the primary place to assemble the students. The village supported the teachers by providing them the Panchayat room to conduct classes. The students are taught 3 subjects per day from 9am – 12:30pm as per daily schedule framed by R Kannan, S Sumathi and P Lakshmi, AHMs of Sevalaya. The teachers and students have a strong bond which ignited after a long gap where they shared their stories with each other. The students were filled with enthusiasm to learn in a different location.

Proper social distancing protocols were followed by the teachers. Masks and sanitizer were present on location for the students. Parents expressed their gratitude to the teachers for taking extra efforts to educate their children. The project has been extended to Melapedu and Puliyur. Sevalaya plans on expanding the project to 40 villages nearby and to invite students of different schools.



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