Live Life Cleaner by making Earth Greener

The Sevalaya Green Team consisting of Alumni students, has planted 100 saplings at Kasuva centre aka Green Campus. Kasuva has its own greenhouse to nurture the young saplings.

One can get fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown at Kasuva farm with quality assurance. A list of plant saplings, seeds, compost and dried cow manure are available for gardening purposes. Kasuva has its own 3-acre farm for organic farming where the land is divided into 8 parts for a variety of crops. Mangoes, Papaya, Amla, Guava, Banana, Coconuts, Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd, Ridge Gourd and Bottle Gourd are grown.

The Kasuva shelters 73 cows which includes 55 dry cows for organic farming. As they are grass fed cows, the quality of manure is high which is used as bio-fertilizers.

Starting 2018 when Sevalaya turned 30, the NGO has been on a tree plantation drive with a goal of 30000 tress before 2022. Current statistic has crossed 18000 saplings. We urge more volunteers to join our goal and make the world a greener place. Volunteering and sharing one’s knowledge is a greater form of donation than currency. Kasuva welcomes intuitive volunteers who can pass on knowledge that can benefit our community.



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