The vision of Sevalaya is to serve the underprivileged and transform them in to an equitable, happy and fulfilled society with an improved quality of life


  • Sevalaya’s mission is to offer high quality inputs and services free of cost.
  • Ensuring excellent education, life skills, physical and mental wellbeing as also character building, to prepare children for responsible and happy lives.
  • Caring for the elders and ensuring their physical,mental, emotional and spiritual  well-being,for them to lead their lives with dignity.
  • Capability enhancement of the poor, for self sustaining livelihood.
  • Rural development,leading to creation of model villages.
  • Relief and rehabilitation interventions in response to natural calamities.
  • Leadership and capacity enhancement of NGO sector.


  • Service and sharing
  • Equality
  • Moral uprightness
  • Excellence
  • Transparency