Sevalaya’s Green Initiatives

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Wealth From Waste

Sevalaya campus at Kasuva village is a green zone! We educate the children about living in harmony with the environment and implement these practices on the campus. We segregate the degradable and non degradable waste before converting the degradable waste into manure for our farms through the process of decomposition. The non-biodegradable waste is sent out for treatment. We produce rich manure for our farms and reduce the cost of cultivation and also use Gobargas instead of LPG in our Old Age Home, Boys’ Home and Girls’ Home. This is an example of how we not only teach our children but actually practice it to set and example for others.


Everyday 50% of cooking fuel requirements is met by Gobar gas in Kasuva centre.


Vinobhaji Gaushala is a haven for around 60 cows where Sevalaya shelters dry cows, which have out-lived their period of “utility” and will otherwise be destined for the slaughter-house. There are a few milk yielding cows also. The Cows milk is consumed by our children and senior citizens.

Solar power harvesting

Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre is equipped with 100KW of solar energy which is providing nearly 80% of the power requirement.

Current proposal: Sustainable Tree Plantation Project

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To plant 150 fruit saplings inside Sevalaya’s Kasuva campus, manure, nurture and enable them to fructify after 3 years and use the yield for Sevalaya’s sustainability.

What is the project

Sevalaya as the part of sustainability, plan to plant 150 fruit saplings such as, 50 Lemon saplings, 50 Sappota saplings and 50 Guava saplings with donor’s support. Each sapling will be around 4 feet height. All these saplings will be planed inside the Kasuva campus, Tiruvallur Dist. This is guarded by compound wall and security and will be protected by stray cattles.

Why is this project

  • Sevalaya is a donor funded organization. We completely reply on donors support to run school, old age home, children home, community colleges etc. This sustainable initiative will help us
  • Project will be implemented inside Sevalaya’s campus for protection and monitoring
  • After 2-3 years, yield will be used for children and elders to consumed
    and also will be sold and the proceeds will be used for the same
    destitute children and elders.

This project will implemented at Sevalaya’s Kasuva campus, Tiruvallur Dist.


  • All 150 saplings like 50 lemon, 50 sappota and 50 Guava saplings of nearly 4 feet height will be purchased and transporated to Kasuva’s campus.
  • With skilled labors assisted with volunteers, existing agri staffs and alumni students, all 150 saplings will be digged, planted and watered with needed spacing and manuring. This plantation process will happen over the period of 3 – 4 months (based on monsoon).
  • With the support of the same resources mentioned above, growth will be monitored for another 3 years.
  • Once they started yielding, fruits will be used at kitchen for preparing healthy foods and snacks for nearly 200+ destitute children and elders residing in the same campus.
  • The process will be continued till the trees stops producing it yield after several years.

Based on funds dispersement, all 150 saplings will be planted over the period of 3 months based on the rainfall and monsoon.
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The budget for the purchase and maintenance of 150 saplings for one year is:

# Plant Name Count per sapling cost Total cost
1 Lemon saplings (4′) 50 110 ₹ 5,500
2 Sappota (4′) 50 110 ₹ 5,500
3 Guava (4′) 50 110 ₹ 5,500
4 Vermicompost for 150 saplings for 1 year 1 sapling need 25kg/year 1kg vermipost = Rs30 150 750 ₹ 1,12,500
5 Digging 150 15 ₹ 2,250
6 Transportation 150 10 ₹ 1,500
Total ₹ 1,32,750

* The recommened height of the saplings is 4 feet. But we can also purchase saplings of less height. The rate of 1 feet fruit trees is around Rs.30.
* Budget is planned by keeping the land capacity of Kasuva campus of 150 saplings. The donors may wish to support as much as possible.
* Sevalaya has its own retail outlet at Thirumalaivaiyavur, Kanchipuram Dist. As of now, Guava and Sapotta etc can be purchased from retail outlet at the subsidised rate.


Monthly progress of the saplings growths photos will be shared.