World Environment Day cycle rally by Sevalaya – SCOPE

World environment day is usually called the Environment Day, Eco Day, or WED, in short. It is getting recognized globally by the people looking to preserve the unique flora and fauna of Planet Earth on 5th June, each year.

It is time to act; save the planet earth” was the slogan coined by SCOPE International as its 400 volunteers joined 300 students from Sevalaya and cycled around the villages to raise awareness about the devastating effects of Global warming. It resonated very well among the villagers who had witnessed the fury of flash floods and extensive damage due to rains just a few months ago. The rally covered more than 10 villages. The event was flagged off by Dinesh Shenoy, Head, Support Services, SCOPE International.

A novel initiative and experiment was spontaneously thought out by the SCOPE International volunteers. Empty coconut shells were filled with soil and a seed planted in it. Watering and maintenance will be the responsibility of students whose name is painted on the coconut shell.  The growth of the seed will be observed for 3 months. SCOPE International will monitor the growth and efficacy of the experiment, at periodic intervals.

Let’s work together for a safe Planet Earth.

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