Sevalaya’s Staff quarters inauguration by Page Pierre Foundation, Switzerland

Kasuva, India – On December 12, 2022, Page Pierre, a philanthropist from Switzerland and the founder of the Page Pierre Foundation, inaugurated the Chellamma Bharathi Staff quarters at the Sevalaya campus in Kasuva, India.

The staff quarters, which were built at a cost of Rs. 64,77,798, provide a comfortable and convenient living space for the staff of Sevalaya, a nonprofit organization that works to empower underprivileged communities through education and healthcare services. The staff quarters also feature a parking facility for the convenience of the residents.

In his remarks at the inauguration ceremony, Page Pierre praised the efforts of Sevalaya and its staff in providing vital services to the communities they serve. “Sevalaya is doing important work to improve the lives of those who need it most,” he said. “I am proud to support this organization and its efforts to create a brighter future for all.” . Prof. Daniel Oyon, Academician, Consultant Page Pierre foundation participated in this event.

Page Pierre Foundation, Switzerland, has been assisting our organisation since 2009. Most recently, in 2021, Page Pierre Foundation financed the construction of four primary school classrooms and assisted in Covid-19 Pandemic relief operations. Some of the foundation’s highlighted fundings include the sponsorship of a school bus, the construction of a science centre, a biogas plant, a solar plant, computers, a community college meeting hall shed, a paver block pathway for a primary school, a cycle shed, a library reading room, and the development of GD software.

The land was donated by N Selvaraj(Late) and his daughters S Hemalatha (Late) and S Shanthi(Late).

The inauguration of the Chellamma Bharathi Staff quarters marks a significant milestone for Sevalaya and its staff, who will now have a comfortable and secure place to call home while they continue their important work.

Earlier V Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee of Sevalaya welcomed the gathering and P Prasanna, VP, Donor Relations  proposed the vote of thanks.