Sevalaya’s Special Training on “Commitment”

Sevalaya empowers its staff members with sufficient training from time to time at regular intervals. On this initiative, Mr. V Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee, Sevalaya gave effective training on “Commitment”. The training session took place on 19th November 2015 in the campus. Mr. V Muralidharan dealt at length on the meaning “commitment”. He invited answers from the participant–trainees, who enthusiastically replied on their understanding. Mr. Muralidharan applied the situation with real life and advised all to commit themselves to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. The topics, mainly dealt in the session were Potential, Time, Cost, and Quality.

Importantly it was stressed that everyone should apply their thinking before commencing any work. Further, the trainees were asked to do their work with total involvement. The training class was wound up after questions – answers session.

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