Sevalaya’s new center at Dharmapuri – V T Shanthi Memorial Old Age Home

Hosur MLA Y Prakash inaugurates Sevalaya’s new centre at Dharmapuri

V T Shanthi Memorial Old Age Home 

On 10th October 2021, Honourable Member of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly, Hosur constituency, Y Prakash inaugurated Sevalaya’s V T Shanthi memorial free Old Age Home located at 4/116 பி, Errapatti Village, A Jettihalli Panchayat, Nallampalli Block at Dharmapuri District.

Dr V Manoharan, Retd Professor, Agricultural University, Puducherry donated his house at Dharmapuri to Sevalaya expressing his wish that a Home for the destitute elders should be run by the organization in the house. In accordance to his wishes, Sevalaya will be running a free Old Age home for the destitute elders in the house donated by him.

Hon’ble MLA Y Prakash, in his address mentioned that he was happy to participate in the function and inaugurae the fee old Age Home. He appreciated the noble act of Dr Manoharan, donating his house in memory of his wife and observed that it requires a large heart to give charity. He also appreciated Sevalaya for rendering good services to the underprivileged and assured the support of people of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri.

Thadangam P Subramani, District Secreatary assured that he will support all activities of Sevalaya in the District.

Nattan Madhu, District Joint Secretary, appreciated Dr Manoharan for his affection for his wife in whose memory he has donated th house for running an Old Age Home for destitute elders.

Shri Dillibabu, Ex MLA , mentioned that Dharmapuri District is backward in education and all other aspects Sevalaya’s services are very much needed in the District. He also appreciated Sevalaya’s services for the underprivileged for the past 33 years.

Dr  V Manoharan, donor said that the debate whether Old Age homes are needed or not has become irrelevant as the services of such Homes are the need of the Hour. “ Especially for the poor and destitute elders, who have nobody to take care of them, Sevalaya provides a life of peace and dignity.” He mentioned.

M G Sekar Ex MP and MLA of Dharmapuri conveyed his best wishes to the organisation.

Earlier Sevalaya Murali welcomed the gathering and gave a brief account of the activities of the organization.

”Sevalaya is aregistered charity functionoing for 34 years. The organization which started its operations at its centre at Kasuva Village, Thiruvallur District, is now spread across 14 locations in various districts of Tamilnadu and 1 in Puducherry.  Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar School provides quality education free of cost to 2200 rural poor children, skill development for 1000 rural poor youth and women who have dropped out of formal education, separate Homes for 200 destitute boys, girls, free medical centres and mobile medical facilities for remote villages, and free evening tuition centres benefitting 500 rural poor children in various districts.

Headquartered in Chennai Sevalaya operates in  Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Chengelpet, Thirunelveli, Thanjavur, Nilgiris districts in Tamilnadu and Thirubuvanai in Puducherry. With the inauguration of this Home Sevalaya has now expanded its services to DSharmapuri District also.

Sevalaya runs free old Age Homes for destitute elders – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Old Age Home in Kasuva centre at Thiruvallur District and Gandhi Ashram Krishnan Memorial Old Age Home in Thanjavur. Another free old age home is under construction in Kanchipuram District.

I am grateful to Dr V Manoharan, who has donated his house to Sevalaya to run a free old age home I memory of his wife V T Shanthi. The growth of Sevalaya in these 34 years is due to the support of the donors and the public. Looking at the involvement of the villagers in organizing the inauguration function , I am confident they will support all ventures of Sevalaya in this district

This old Age home will provide shelter and a life of dignity to 20 destitute elders, without any discrimination based on caste, colour, creed, religion and language.” He mentioned.

A A Kingston, Vice President, Operations proposed Vote of Thanks. He thanked the Chief Guest Honourable MLS Y Prakash, donor Dr V manoharan, friends from th Press and the villagers.

The function came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.



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